A downloadable Dhakira

In this piece of land lay all of my memories

Preserve our existence, even though I know the bastard 'Sand' will try to destroy our creation..

It took most of it already, I feel like it is darkness, not 'Sand' anymore, I've lost one of my Sons

I see the lives of my Daughters gone day by day, everything seems to be sand now.

The faith of my people will still overtake it, I believe it

     ''Light Up those tokens Daughters of mine''

We will return, I pray, I hope.....to 'Mother Light'

But be aware of 'Sand', it is too strong now

It may be now walking among you, my Daughters, protect your land

As I lay here..... waiting to return to our creation......

Oh 'Mother Light' protect 'Dhakira'

"First son of the Light"



Dhakira.rar 300 MB

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